If I Can’t Hike, I Can At Least Write About It

Appalacian Trail

Last fall, I wrote an article for The Trek about hiking. I actually got paid for it. Since then, things have snowballed. I wrote another article for The Trek, and then another. I sent in a story to Dirtbag Diaries, my favourite podcast to listen to while I hike. Despite 200 people submitting stories, they chose mine to record. Hyperlite Mountain Gear picked up an article. I have more stories in the works.

After writing here for free for so long, it feels strange to get paid to write. Writing is competitive, and I know even the tiniest amount of success can dry up quickly. But I’m so excited about this. Even if I never sell another article, it’s kept me sane during lockdown after lockdown. It’s been really fun.

Shake ‘n Bake made me a beauiful professional writing website. It lists my published articles. He moved over my blog. I’m so proud of how hard he’s worked on it, and how good it looks.

In future, all of my updates will be on my gorgeous new website. You can subscribe to my new blog to keep track of all my future adventures. We have a lot of exciting things planned, including hiking the Great Divide Trail this summer. I hope you’ll join me over there.

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